While I was away..

Menorca is a place we have visited many times and in particular Arenal d’en castell which is a beautiful bay on the north eastern part of the island.   The weather was glorious, high 20’s, all week.  In the immediate area of the hotel there is plenty of  open land to explore and for a few hours during the week I was able to take myself off and have a good look around. Lots of butterflies such as common blue Polyommatus icarus, small white Pieris rapae, brimstone Gonepteryx rhamni and several others that I didn’t get close enough to photograph or identify. Along with the butterflies I photographed two shield bugs, one identified as being the colourful Minstrel bug  Graphosoma lineatum and a grasshopper.

  • CS15F00M
  • CS15F00L
  • CS15F00K
  • CS15F00J
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