CSNow in my (late) 50’s I find myself with more time to explore what interests me most. The trouble with that is I have so many interests and what interests me most varies, regulary. I can best describe them as being on a hamster wheel. They keep coming around time and again. The two main ones though are nature and photography. The others would be art (watercolour and digital), chess and reading. Oh! and online gaming. This latter interest also undergoes its own mini cycle, seeing me return to games time and again. Fitness also features but not as heavily as it once did. I’m now content to walk miles instead of hammering at a punchbag or pumping weights – or perhaps it’s the realisation that age takes its toll on you eventually 🙂 For my photography I use Nikon equipment (camera, lenses and flash)

Update: As of April 2015 I am now a member of The Royal Photographic Society and I will be working to obtain a distinction from the RPS asap. I am really excited about this as I see this as a great opportunity to learn and improve my skills. I am also a member of the Botanical Society of Britain and Ireland.

In addition I am also studying for a FdSc in Countryside, Conservation and Recreation Management at Reaseheath College.